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To pamper smartphone users, currently there are various types of applications that rely on advances in technology and the internet. One such application is TikTok. This one application is being loved by various ages, both young and old. Actually, the Tiktok application has been around since 2016 and has been popular again after the platform was blocked by the government because this application was abused by its users.

The TikTok application went viral again and stole the attention of many people around 2019. TikTok is a short-duration video social platform supported by music from various genres for dance, freestyle to performance. Uniquely, when recording TikTok videos you can also imagine freely and display various movements supported by expressions. This makes TikTok users able to create various interesting video recordings that can also be shared on other social media accounts.

Cloutlog. com Tiktok Money

But it turns out that TikTok can not only be used as entertainment but can make a lucrative amount of money. Actually, the way to get money from TikTok can be said to be difficult, easy. For those of you who have a creative spirit, not only can you earn money but also followers or fans as well as popularity. Enough with smartphone capital and quotas, you can become an impromptu artist and rupiah coffers are also flowing profusely. Then how do you get money from the TikTok application? Here's more information.

What is the TikTok App

For those of you who have never played TikTok, maybe curious about this one application. Actually, Tik Tok is a social media network in the form of a video platform from ByteDance and was introduced by Zhang Yiming in 2016. Tik Tok can be used to record 15-second videos with various songs and unique special filters. At first this application was called Douyin and exploded in China.

The popularity of this application made it expand to various countries until finally using a new name, Tik Tok. Based on information from CNB, it is known that in 2019 TikTok has been downloaded up to 700 million times. Tik Tok's popularity finally arrived in Indonesia in 2017 and immediately attracted the attention of various circles, especially very popular among teenagers.

However, the application is increasingly containing negative content, so the government decided to block this application in July 2018. Due to TikTok's collaboration with the Ministry of Women's Empowerment and Child Protection, finally a week later the TikTok application was back and could be enjoyed by various ages. In fact, this application contains content that is creative, entertaining and makes money.

Benefits of the TikTok Application

From time to time, the TikTok application has grown in popularity both in Indonesia and in other countries. Apart from being able to record videos as a means of entertainment and expression, this application also has various other benefits that are guaranteed to spoil users even more.

Then cloutlog.com Tiktok money site appeared, which reportedly could help Tiktok users make money on their accounts. This news is not necessarily true, because until now the truth has not been proven, and it could be dangerous for your Tiktok account.

Because cloutlog com Tiktok promises to provide followers to its users if they join. But is it by using cloutlog tiktok money. will your com followers increase?

We recommend that you use natural methods to increase your followers so that your account is eligible to earn money on Tiktok. Without having to rely on services like cloutlog.con tiktok to increase your followers.

Below we will provide tips so that your followers can grow quickly:

Upload Videos Every Day

To earn money from TikTok, you should create TikTok video content every day or on a schedule. So you can know when your audience will see the latest uploaded video. Make sure the video content is interesting and unique so that more audiences are hooked on your content. The more audience and TikTok followers you have, then you have the opportunity to get more sponsorship or endorsement offers. The endorsement offer will later bring in rupiah coffers.

TikTok Live Streaming

Currently the TikTok application also provides a live streaming feature that can bring in money. Because during live streaming, fans can give gift items to you that are worth TikTok coins and these coins are actually purchased using the original currency. The gift items you get from fans can be converted into money or payouts with a minimum daily allowance of 100 dollars to 1000 dollars.

Promotion of other people's Tik Tok videos

In order to apply this method, you must have at least 25 thousand TikTok followers. Take advantage of this opportunity by offering TikTok video promotion services and adding video links belonging to other people or your clients. You can also invite other people to join the duet but on the condition that you also have to be paid.

That's our discussion about clout log.com where reportedly can increase followers for Tiktok users. We recommend that you use the methods we provide above so that your Tiktok account is safe.

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