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Aldi Christmas Food Box On Facebook a Scam?

It has recently been circulating that the Aldi food box on Facebook is a grocery store, offering a pack of groceries for Christmas with groceries for £ 35, along with Morrisons voucher for £ 15. Is that so? Is the Aldi Food Box on Facebook a scam or safe?

This Aldi Facebook Food Box offering is according to the information we get that, this is part of their promotion from the CEO of Morrisons Inc. To celebrate the company's 121st anniversary, they are holding this promo for a grocery package for £ 35.

Aldi Christmas Food Box On Facebook a Scam

For Facebook account users who have shared and commented within the next 24 hours, they will have the opportunity to get a prize in the form of a food package at the price mentioned above. For winners, the packages will be delivered in person and will arrive at their doorsteps on Saturday 28 November.

Aldi's Christmas Food Box on Facebook is not much different from the scam and deception that is widely circulated. Usually the owner of the aldi christmas food box account will usually provide a spam link that will take other Facebook account users to a pishing website that is able to steal information on the victim's Facebook account.

So, for those of you who find aldi christmas food box content on Facebook to be careful, in commenting and sharing posts from the aldi christmas food box that offers the free package. Moreover, the post contains an external link that will take you off the Facebook website, which will be dangerous for your Facebook account from fishing.

That's information from us about Aldi Facebook Food Box, which offers a free christmas food box package.

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