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Fn. gg/rebootafriend New Features Reboot a Friend

Fn.gg/rebootafriend - Fortnite brings back its new feature in Season 5, namely Reboot a Friend, where you can get a chance to get a prize if you play with your friends who are invited to play after a long period of not logging in to the Fortnite game.

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Fn.gg/rebootafriend is an event where you invite your playing friends who haven't logged in to the Fortnite game for a long time. Later you will get rewards in the form of cool items and weapons, if you succeed in recruiting friends to qualify for missions and Bounties.

Fn.gg/rebootafriend New Features Reboot a Friend

How to Play Reboot a Friend

All of you have the opportunity to participate in the Fn.gg/rebootafriend beta event, by logging into the Fm.gg/rebootafriend site. From there you will see a lot of information about the event which will last for 19 days from 14 at 3 am ET to 4 January 2021 at 3 am ET.

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To get prizes on Fn.gg/rebootafriend by inviting friends who have not played for a long time, to log in and play with you. You can get prizes after the game is over and start to open the prizes provided after the game is over.

Requirements for friends who you invite to play on Fn. gg/rebootafriend beta are those who have a good experience playing the Fortnite fame. To participate, of course, will be limited as long as the players meet certain conditions, namely friends that you invite to play together, those who have not played for more than 30 days to reboot.

Later, you can only reboot for one friend only, because this is just the beta stage. So there is a possibility that you will be able to play more than one person for the Fn.gg/rebootafriend program.

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You can get prizes by unlocking prizes with your playmates, which will be given to players who manage to become winners within 7 days.

That's the information we can convey to you, which is about Fn.gg/rebootafriend beta in the Fortnite game. Invite and invite your friends who haven't played Fortnite for more than 30 days, and get lots of attractive prizes.

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