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How Does The Foryoupage Work on Tiktok

The TikTok application is increasingly popular, making many people want their videos to be included in other people's Foryourpage or homepage.


Then, how do our videos enter Foryourpage so that they get lots of views and likes?


Previously, in the midst of a pandemic, many people started turning to cyberspace to kill time. One of them is the TikTok platform. A research conducted by the Audley Villages website revealed that some of the most popular activities that people do during quarantine are playing the TikTok challenge.


Do you already know the meaning of the term Foryourpage on TikTok? if not, let's find out!


As with Instagram, hashtags are also needed for you to increase the number of viewers, Kids. So that your videos can be seen by many people and can interact with each other.


For Your Page On Tiktok

In almost all TikTok videos, you will often find the hashtag FYP or 'for you page'. Foryourpage is useful for displaying recommended videos that are tailored according to user interests.


For example, you often see videos of people cooking on TikTok, so your TikTok home will appear more often with videos of people cooking.

how does the foryoupage work on tiktok

In addition, using hashtags for your page is also useful for generating viewers and likes in your videos, which later on will allow your videos to enter someone else's home or homepage.


TikTok will distribute the video you make to the right people, that is, to people who have the same preferences as the video you make.


You have to stay focused and serious about the videos that are made, because your videos can be entertainment and benefits for people watching.

Then, how do you get our videos to enter FYP or For Your Page?

Some Tips so that videos enter Foryourpage


Many users are looking for what content is currently busy and how to get our videos into FYP. Here are some tips for you to get your Tiktok Bideo on the For Your Page.

You can also add # (hashtag) to your video by entering the appropriate hashtag.

For example, if you make a video related to cooking, you can use the hashtag #cooking or #cooking, which matches the video you make.


Use music that's busy.

You can use music that is currently being used by other TikTok users, this is so that your video can enter Foryourpage.


Make the video as interesting as possible.

An interesting video will add to the number of your viewers and influence you to enter FYP.

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