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How To Play Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Each character's air attacks are different from ground attacks and sometimes have their own unique properties. For example, some characters have air attacks that can be kill-moves. Several other characters also have Down-Air with a spike effect, aka hitting opponents down. This will be very effective for killing opponents who are outside the stage of play and want to recover.

Grab, Pummel, and Throw (Up-Throw, Forward-Throw, Down-Throw, Back-Throw)

If you are close enough, you can catch your opponent and grab it. When caught, you can hit your opponent several times (Pummel) and then you throw or throw.

To do Grab, just press R or L when you are close enough to your opponent. Perform Pummel by pressing A or Grab. After that, throw your opponent by pressing the direction button according to your wishes.

Each character has a different Grab distance. Some can catch opponents from a greater distance, but others must be very close. When caught, the opponent can escape. Therefore, don't hold your opponent too long just for the sake of doing lots of Pummel. Just do two Pummels, then throw straight into Throw.

How To Play Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Each character's throw will throw your opponent in different directions. For example, some Down Throws will knock your opponent upwards, but some will throw your opponent sideways. Not only that, some characters have kill-throw alias throws that are strong enough to get opponents out of the game arena.

Shield, Parry, Dodge, Roll

All characters can block an opponent's attack by pressing ZR or ZL. When deflecting attacks, this Shield will shrink. If it is too small and continues to receive attacks, this shield will break and you will be stunned for a few seconds.

If you release your Shield just as your opponent's attack lands, you will activate Perfect Shield aka Parry. When this happens, you will continue to fend off your opponent's attacks plus stun your opponent for an instant. The duration of this stun is very short, but enough to make you land an attack.

You can also dodge with Dodge and Roll. To do Dodge, you can press Shield + Down. For Roll, you can press Shield + Side. Both must be pressed at the same time. When doing Dodge, you can dodge an opponent's attack without moving. While Roll makes you move places.

Dodge can also be done in mid-air by pressing Shield. Keep in mind Dodge in the air has a bad end-lag. This means that when you Dodge to avoid attacks that are near you, your dodgy opponent will immediately land a follow-up that you can't avoid.

Combo and Play Creativity

Because it's a party game, Smash's basic mechanics are always kept simple. You can choose a character and immediately play without having to learn key combinations for moves and so on. But behind this humble base, Smash is a game that demands creativity and speed.

In Smash, combos are created on the fly alias right away. What the follow-up looks like after landing each attack can differ depending on a variety of factors. Being able to combine several movements well and varying is one of the reasons Smash is also very exciting at a competitive level, whether played or watched.

Getting a kill is also not only achieved by using Smash Attack when the opponent is at 120 percent. You can force your opponent to fall off the arena stage and use your attacks to interrupt his recovery. That way he can't get back on stage and die even though he's still under 50 percent.

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