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Is Coinbase Safe To Store Bitcoin? Know Here

Is Coinbase Safe? - Coinbase is a service to exchange your digital currency. You can buy and sell digital currency in the form of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and also make purchases using real money. Over time the coinbase has now become popular and has made it one of the biggest brokers in the world when it comes to cryptos.

It is known that coinbase has assets of around $ 20 billion and also has cryptos worth more than $ 50 billion that are successfully traded through services on coinbase which has a history of establishment since 2012 in California, San Francisco.

Is Coinbase Safe To Store Bitcoin Know Here

Basically Coinbase has two services that have been carried out until now, namely as exchange and sale of digital currency known as GDAX. From these two services to date, they are connected to each other to complement the platform and are able to serve members registered on the Coinbase.

In addition, Coinbase also provides Wallet services for registered members to store the currency they get from income on the internet. As a member of Coinbase, you can save and exchange or sell it on Coinbase, then transfer it to an account that you have in the currency that matches your country.

Is Coinbase Safe To Store Bitcoin?

Many are wondering if coinbase is safe, legit and not a scam. One of them might be you and for that right now you are here to find out the information about is coinbase safe to store bitcoin? So here we will provide some information for you about the discussion is Coinbase Safe?

Coinbase is currently safe for you to use, but some countries may experience delays in service. In many states of the United States alone coinbase has 40 different licenses, and of course it is certain that coinbase services are legitimate to serve your needs in storing, selling digital money, or buying it from coinbase.

So, for those of you who are still doubting about is coinbase safe to store bitcoin, don't worry about the services provided. Based on the information we have obtained that coinbase is so far legitimate and not a scam, it is safe to store bitcoin and other currencies that you own.

That's a brief discussion from us about is coinbase safe or not, is coinbase safe for storing bitcoins? Hopefully, your visit here can help the information you need about the services of Coinbase.

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