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Vin Rouge Filter - How To Do The Silhouette Challenge Tiktok

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Lots of new filters have sprung up on Tiktok, where Tiktok is now a social media application that has become popular and widely used in all countries in the world.

Recently the filter silhouette challenge appeared in, which has also gone viral on the Instagram app and is popular with the hashtag #silhouettechallenge. So now if you want to get the Tiktok silhouette challenge filter, here we will provide the information for you on how to get the Tiktok silhouette challenge filter.

Vin Rouge Filter - How To Do The Silhouette Challenge

You need to know that to get the silhouette challenge filter on your device, you must first get the Vin Rouge filter.

What is the Vin Rouge Filter on Tiktok?

Vin Rouge filter, also known as red filter, is a filter that has the effect of changing the appearance of all your camera screens to red. This will make you look like a studio light draining you in red.

Vin Rouge filter has become popular recently because it was used to participate in silhouette challenges in Tiktok. This challenge requires you to create a silhouette with an eye-catching red background with the role of the Vin Rouge filter. Then how do you get the Vin Rouge filter?

How to get a Vin Rouge filter on Tiktok

This filter is actually present in the Snapchat app, and to get it on Tiktok you have to open the Snapchat app.

  • First, you launch the Snapchat app
  • Then go to the camera and press the smile face button which is located on the right.
  • After that you press the button 'explore' which is in the right of the bottom corner.
  • In your search bar just type 'vin rouge'
  • If you have found it, then you open it and apply the filter.

That's our discussion on how to get a vin rouge filter to complete the silhouette challenge in Tiktok. With the guide above, now you can find out how and are ready to share the tiktok silhouette challenge video via other social media.

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