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Lazarbeam New Skin On Fortnite, When Will It Be Launched?

Lazarbeam Skins Leak - LazarBeam Fortnite skin reveal will be launched soon and of course there are already many waiting for the Lazarbeam skin reveal. Based on the information we got from the official Epic Games page, the Lazarbeam skin reveal will be presented on March 4, 2021 and to be precise at 16:00 PT or 7 PM ET.

Lazarbeam New Skin On Fortnite, When Will It Be Launched

The Lazarbeam tournament or Lazarbeam cup will be held by Epic Games exactly one day before the launch of Lazarbeam skins. So, for those of you who are looking forward to lazarbeam skins, please be patient because Epic Games will be launching it on March 4, 2021.

What is Lazarbeam skins?

The giant Fortnite game owner, Epic Games, will launch an "Icon Series" namely the Lazarbeam icon series in the newest Fortnite Skins series. Lazarbeam skins appear in order to reward popular content creators by making them in the form of Fortnite cartoons.

Epic Game has announced that a popular content maker in the Fortnite game category, Lazarbeam, has made a lot of Fortnite game content. This will be done in person today at 2pm PT or 5pm ET on March 1, 2021.

Lazarbeam New Skin On Fortnite, When Will It Be Launched

As usual in launching the "Icon Series", namely lazarbeam skins, Epic Games will usually present other skins, emotes and other equipment, namely pickaxe and custom back bling.

According to the information we got, the Icon Series will begin with the appearance of the Ninja streamer, by combining the streamer elements, namely Richard Blevins and the real ninja. The information we also get from the Icon Series will also present the inauguration of Lachlan and Loserfruit.

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