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Fortnite Can Increase Friendship and Positive Behavior

Some people believe that playing video games will make children lazy, lack intelligence, and are considered to have a tendency to commit violence.

However, more actual research shows different results. Previously, a study linked video games to an increase in motor skills, an increase in problem solving skills, and other positive things.

Fortnite Can Increase Friendship and Positive Behavior

A study shows that Fortnite is still one of the most popular video games among children. Researchers conducted a study on 845 elementary school children to play pinball and Fortnite. 

There are two aspects to focus on playing Fortnite. First, the game is violent even without showing a lot of blood, and second is teamwork to win.

Experts want to prove that playing games will result in prosocial behaviors such as friendship and friendliness rather than an increase in violence.

Prosocial behaviors such as cooperation and caring can also be found in Fortnite players who don't play as a team compared to pinball players who do play with their partners.

And the results have proven to be so. Fortnite players who work with their partners tend to do things for their team, such as donate their money and time as a team.

This result was different from the children who actually played pinball, a non-violent game. Children on the Fortnite video game team also reported experiencing more positive emotions than children who played pinball.

This shows that Fortnite children benefit more than children who play pinball. While many questions remain to be explored, these findings suggest that violence in video games is not sufficient to conclude that playing games will result in antisocial behavior among children.

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