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How to Get Free Thanos Skin in Fortnite

Thanos returns to the battle bus in Fortnite. Players can get this special skin for a limited time. To promote the release of Avengers: Infinity War, Epic Games launched an exclusive game mode where gamers can transform into the Mad Titan.

When the match starts, players must race to the Infinity Gauntlet. The first gamer to pick it up will transform into Thanos and unlock all of his abilities.

How to Get Thanos Skin in Fortnite

Includes laser Gauntlet, health boost, and deals more damage when fighting. Currently, Fortnite is hosting the Thanos Cup where the top-placed player in each region, will be given a skin for free along with some exclusive cosmetics.

However, gamers who don't want to participate are given another way to unlock the skin. Thanos' skin will be available in the Item Shop on June 27 if players wish to spend their V Bucks.

Reporting from Screen Rant, Thursday (24/6/2021), the skin will likely be released in two different sets, one with a skin and every benefit and the other just a skin.

The full set will likely cost you 2000 V Bucks. Skins that have appeared before in Fortnite are very rarely brought back.

However, the presence of Thanos' skin makes sense considering that Marvel will release Black Widow next month.

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