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How to Get Summer Midas Skin On Fortnite

Fortnite is bringing the Summer Midas skin in-game as part of the Cosmic Summer event. Gamers can unlock unique Summer-related skins, cosmetics and more during this period.

One of the big skins that is currently the attention of all players is the Summer Midas skin. This character was originally the last reward for reaching tier 100 of the battle pass, during Chapter 2 Season 2 and now the skin is back for special events over the summer.

How to Get Summer Midas Skin On Fortnite

The Cosmic Summer event combines sunshine with this season's alien invasion theme. Around the map, gamers will find intruders, alien technology and UFOs to interact with.

Players will be able to purchase the Summer Midas skin from the Item Shop during the Cosmic Summer event.

The skin itself will sell for 1,600 V-Bucks. Even so, most likely the skin will be present in two different versions.

Players can purchase their own skins or purchase the bundle that comes with marshmallows, ice cream, and surfboard gliders.

As the season progresses, gamers can earn more V-Bucks by completing challenges and earning more battle stars.

Fortunately, this season's players can invest battle stars directly to purchase V-Bucks. Most likely this skin will only be available specifically for the Cosmic Summer event and disappear after the event ends.

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