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Instagram Trial Insert 'Suggested Posts' to Main Feed

Instagram users should be prepared to see their feeds look more crowded and jumbled. Because Instagram is currently testing showing 'Suggested Posts' in the main feed.

Suggested posts is a feature that displays recommended content following the Instagram algorithm. So far, the main feed only shows posts from accounts that the user is following, while suggested posts are at the bottom of the feed and are only seen by users after they have seen all the content from the accounts they follow.

Instagram Trial Insert 'Suggested Posts' to Main Feed

So with this test, the user's main feed will contain content from accounts that are indeed followed and content that is recommended by Instagram according to user interests.

In addition to highlighting suggested posts in the main feed, Instagram is also testing an option that allows users to mute the feature and remove it from the feed for 30 days. But unfortunately users don't have the option to permanently remove suggested posts from the feed.

Users can also set what recommended content is displayed by selecting a topic they are interested in, such as cats, beauty, or basketball. Users can add and delete topics through the available settings.

A Facebook spokesperson said the inclusion of suggested posts is a form of Instagram's main feed extension. They say the comparison ratio between the content of the followed accounts and the content the algorithm recommends will depend on how users use their app.

The trial will be rolled out on a limited basis to a small number of users in English-speaking countries. But Instagram did not say how many accounts were involved in this trial, as quoted from Tech Crunch, Friday (25/6/2021).

This experiment appears to be in stark contrast to previous efforts by Facebook and Instagram to try to prevent users from becoming addicted to social media. With this new feed display, users can keep scrolling because the content in their feed will not run out.

Meanwhile, users who use Instagram only to interact with family and friends must also be forced to view content from outside their circle. There are still Instagram users who protest after the photo-sharing platform removed the chronologically arranged feed.

Since it is still in the testing phase, there is a possibility that this feature will not be launched publicly. If it is actually launched, this feature will bring major changes to the way Instagram works.

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