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PUBG Mobile Releases 'Traverse Insectoid' Gameplay Mode

PUBG Mobile announced the latest update that presents interesting gameplay. They released a gameplay mode called Traverse-Insectoid where gamers will feel a new adventure when everything feels bigger.


In Traverse-Insectoid mode, the player's character will shrink to the size of an insect while undergoing battles that are even more exciting. Players who are reduced to insectoid can fly to attack normal-sized enemies armed with unlimited homing missiles.


PUBG Mobile Releases 'Traverse Insectoid' Gameplay Mode

In this mode the player must find a machine called the Quantum Transformation Device to be able to shrink down to the size of an insect. In this condition the player is given the advantage because it can fly and is difficult for normal players to detect.

Reducing players must collect Energy Light Points to be able to teleport to other areas of the laboratory in Traverse-Insectoid mode with the Wormhole Device. Players can also exchange them for combat supplies using the Energy Store.


"Through the Traverse-Insectoid mode, we wanted to create a different way of enjoying the game with a new gameplay, dedicated to PUBG MOBILE fans around the world," said PUBG Mobile Marketing Manager SEA, Jenny Zhuang.


"In this mode, players can shrink and explore battlegrounds like never before, offering a unique microcosm experience and exciting gameplay. The new mode also encourages players to rethink their strategy to win matches in either insect size or full size, " he explained.


Not only Traverse-Insectoid mode, PUBG Mobile also launched Royale Pass Season 19 with the same theme with a variety of exclusive insect-themed outfits that make gameplay even more exciting and unique.

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