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UFO Fortnite - How to Fly a UFO in Fortnite Season 7

Game Fortnite Season 7 has an Invasion theme with the presence of aliens from outer space who attack and kidnap players on the island. Each match, players can find several UFOs hovering over the map and terrorizing opponents with lasers.

Players can shoot down these UFOs using medium to long range weapons, eliminate alien pilots, command UFOs to roam the map, and gain an advantage over the competition. Just like other vehicles in Fortnite, UFOs can run out of power so players can't fly indefinitely.

UFO Fortnite - How to Fly a UFO in Fortnite Season 7

The UFO is driven by a Trespasser so the player must continue to fight the UFO until it can no longer fly and land. Players must be sure not to damage the UFO too much to be able to fly it back. After the player has managed to take down the UFO and defeat the Trespasser in it, the player can fly the UFO.

Much like using a Choppa or a car, players have to pay attention to the fuel. The UFO runs on batteries instead of gas and it is possible that the batteries will run out mid-flight and land suddenly. The battery can be recharged, if the player wants to wait.

Upon arriving in the cockpit of the vehicle, players will gain access to the Laser Beam and Abduct features. However, these features have a cooldown period that players should pay attention to.

Flying a UFO in Fortnite Season 7 is a bit different than other transportation. The controls for flying it vary depending on each platform.

For PlayStation users, press R2 for Ascend, L2 for Descend, Circle for Boost, L1 for Abduct, R2 for Laser Beam access, and Square for Enter or Exit. For players playing on PC, click the space bar for Ascend, R for Descend, left Shift for Boost, right Mouse button for Abduct, Left Mouse button for Laser Beam, and press E for Exit.

Meanwhile, Xbox users can press Right trigger for Ascend, Left trigger for Descend, B for Boost, LB for Abduct, RB for Laser Beam access, and X for Enter or Exit. Players may have limited time to fly the UFO. Completing quests on time will grant XP to the new Fortnite Season 7 Battle Pass.

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