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Basketball Player LeBron James Will Come to Fortnite

Basketball player LeBron James will be coming to Fortnite as part of the game's Icon Series this week, it was announced this week. Fortnite has also shared footage of LeBron, also known as King James, in a short trailer posted on social media.

"MVP. World icon. Gold Winner. King has arrived. @KingJames brings his legacy to Icon Series," tweeted @FortniteGame on Twitter on Monday night (12/7/2021).

Basketball LeBron James Will Come to Fortnite

The 26-second trailer shows three different skins for the LeBron James character. The first skin is depicted as a king in all black outfits -- from glasses, hoodies and suits, shorts, socks to shoes -- with lion-shaped shoulder pads and a crown floating above his head.

The other two skins are more familiar, one of which features LeBron James in a Tosca color taco shirt complete with a hat. The appearance seemed to follow the social media of the NBA LA Lakers player, who posted a video and photo of him and his family Tuesday celebrating "Taco Tuesdays" for dinner.

Meanwhile, the third skin features LeBron in a Tune Squad uniform from the soon-to-be-released film Space Jam: A New Legacy. The sequel to Michael Jordan's 1996 classic will see the Looney Tunes gang playing basketball.

It is said that the skin and the LeBron icon are scheduled to launch on the Fortnite Store, Wednesday 14/7/2021.

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