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How to Create Content on YouTube Shorts

After Instagram Reels, now TikTok's competitors are increasing with the presence of a short video service from YouTube. The service is called YouTube Shorts.

Initially YouTube Shorts launched on a limited basis in the United States and India. Now Google is expanding its services to 100 countries, including Indonesia.

How to Create Content on YouTube Shorts

With the presence of this service, users can become creators of Shorts where previously they could only see them. Users can create short videos up to 60 seconds long.

How to Create Content on YouTubeShorts

  • Open the YouTube app on your Android phone or iPhone
  • Press the + icon below to start creating content
  • The Create a Short option will appear, press the option
  • Choose a duration of 15 or 60, besides that, set the Speed, Time, Filter if desired
  • Press the red button to record, or you can press the icon to the left of the shutter button to use the video stored on the phone
  • After recording the video, you can add music and text, besides setting the timeline and filters. When you press Next
  • Write a title, choose whether the video is for Public or Private. You can also set the show schedule by pressing Schedule.
  • When you have just press the Upload button in the upper right shrinkage.

Previously, it was reported that YouTube announced that it had prepared a fund of USD 100 million for users of Shorts, an application that was presented to compete with the popularity of TikTok.

"This fund is the first step in our journey of building a long-term monetization model for Shorts on YouTube," YouTube wrote in its blog post.

The fund is YouTube's attempt to try to build a user and creator base on Shorts. Short itself is presented to be able to compete with TikTok, Snap and Reels from Instagram.

Google as the parent company of Youtube, announced that Shorts has managed to generate revenue of USD 6.5 billion in daily views globally.

The USD 100 million fund YouTube will distribute the funds until 2022. To earn money from YouTube, creators can create content that is unique and loved by the YouTube user community.

YouTube says it will reach the thousands of content creators each month who receive the most engagement and views. It will also ask content creators to share feedback on the performance of Shorts.

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