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How to Create a Linktree on Instagram

The development of digital business is increasing on various platforms. For example, the increasing number of sales accounts that adorn the Instagram and Twitter timelines.

Social media is one of the front lines for media promotion matters. Not infrequently, business actors receive orders other than their social media accounts.

How to Create a Linktree Link on Instagram

There are various ways, from directing it to a WhatsApp chat to asking potential buyers to view catalogs on e-commerce sites like Amazon or Alibaba.

Many of these business actors or even other content creators summarize via the Linktree link in their Instagram bio.

How to Make a Linktree on Instagram

Note that there is no limit to creating Linktree. You can make it from a smartphone or a laptop or PC browser.

  • The first step, you type website linktr.ee/ in your browser's omnibox.
  • Next, you need an account that you can create for free. Although there are additional features in the Pro account, the free account is enough to summarize the various accounts and make short links.
  • Once you have an account, you need to login using that account. Then go to the Links menu.
  • That will open a simple view for adding links. Then, hit Add New Link.
  • A column appears, where you can enter an account name. For example, you enter the name of WhatsApp. Then, type wa.me/62[WhatsApp number] in the URL field.
  • That will direct the person pressing the button to go directly to the WhatsApp chat room.

To add another account, you can repeat from the Add New Link step and continue with the same steps.

Navigate to Another Account

It should be noted, you can fill in the URL column in Linktree with a link that points to your account, such as your Shopee account, Facebook, or even your Medium account.

After you have finished entering various accounts, you can share the Linktree account. Just copy your Linktree link and enter it on the website bar on your Instagram profile.

Anyone who taps on it will be directed to a series of buttons with the name corresponding to the account you entered earlier.

Automatically, the person will be redirected to the specific account he clicked on.