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How to Make Sound of text on WhatsApp

The WhatsApp application or commonly abbreviated as WA, has become a very popular medium for sending messages. Besides being easy and having many features, WhatsApp is almost used by all circles.

Well, you are a WhatsApp or WA application user, of course you know the Sound of Text or often referred to as Google's voice, which has been widely discussed lately.

The Google voice is not only unique but also unique, so it will attract attention if it is used as a notification tone on WhatsApp.

How to Make Sound of text on WhatsApp

Sound of text is not a feature on WhatsApp. So by default you will not find those Google voices in the settings menu.

To get it you have to make it yourself. The method is quite easy, follow the guide on how to make sound of text on WhatsApp.

Using Google Voices as Notification Ringtones

There are three ways to get and use the sound of text or Google tones to use as a unique notification ringtone. You don't need a third party app, you just need to visit a site.

How to make sound of text on WhatsApp can use male and female voices, both voices with western and Indonesian pronunciation.

1. Male Google Tones

  • Go to Google and type https://voicemaker.in/
  • Scroll down the screen and find the 'Language' column
  • Select the option Indonesian or any other language you want.
  • Look into the Voice column which is right next to 'Language' select the name and gender that will be the google tone.
  • Furthermore, when the message in the message box or 'Text Box'
  • You can set the tone to be heavier, louder, whispering, and so on in the bar column at the top of the 'Text Box'
  • After entering the desired sentence tap on 'Convert to Speech' option
  • Next tap the fish 'Play' to listen to the results.
  • Then tap the down arrow icon as a Download option.
  • Move and save the mp3 file to your phone.

On the voicemaker site, it's a good idea to register or create an account. The reason is, the premium option requires you to create an account first.

2. Female Google Tones

Although the voice maker site provides a female google voice option, the sound is not as similar to the sound of text site.

  • Go to Google and type https://soudoftext.com
  • Scroll down the screen
  • You will find the 'Text' and Voice' fields
  • Select the Indonesian option in the 'Voice' column
  • Type the desired message to be a Google tone in the 'Text' field
  • Then tap on the 'Submit' option
  • The recorded message tone will appear at the bottom
  • Tap the 'Play' option to listen to the message tone
  • Then tap 'Download'
  • Move the file to the phone menu so that it can be used as a Google WhatsApp tone

3. Assorted Google Voice Tones

In addition to female and male voices, you can also try other voice tones such as cartoon characters, politicians, musicians, and so on.

Just like the method above, how to make sound of text is enough to visit the site and without having to download third-party applications.

  • Open Google browser and type https://vo.codes/
  • After that you will find two column options
  • The first column is the option to select the type of sound you want to use
  • The second column is the choice of which character you will use as the sound of text.
  • After selecting, you can enter a sound of text message into the box column.
  • Tap the 'Speak' option
  • In order to use it you must record the sound
  • How to record it is by visiting https://online-voice-recorder.com/
  • Tap the microphone icon option on the online voice site and then tap the 'Speak' option on the vo.codes site so that the voice can be recorded.

After that download the file from the online voice site and save the file to your phone.

When going to record make sure your laptop or computer or cellphone microphone is active. That's how to make sound of text on WhatsApp, good luck.