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How to Remove WhatsApp Bio on Android and iPhone

Disable WhatsApp Bio on Android and iPhone - You can easily remove the WhatsApp Android bio. Indeed, every Whatsapp account is complete with the Bio or About feature. This can generally be useful for telling others about you.

You as a Whatsapp user can also use templates that are already available, for example Busy, Can't Talk, at work, sleeping, Whatsapp only and many more.

How to Remove WhatsApp Bio on Android and iPhone

In addition, you can also write in your bio the form of characters, hobbies and others so that other people can read them. But some people want their activities not to be known by others, so they have to apply the right way so that they are not seen.

How to Remove Bio WhatsApp Android Easily

For those of you who want to have privacy so that people can't see your bio, then you should follow these steps.

1. Disable WhatsApp Bio on Android

You can remove the Whatsapp bio on Android by setting the Settings menu. The trick is to open the Whatsapp application.

Then, in the upper right corner there is a three dot, you just tap the button. Then select Settings or Settings in the options that appear.

Then you go to the Profile menu and set it in the Info or About column. Here you can set the Bio, you can delete it or adjust it according to your wishes. If you have changed as you wish, then to save it you select Save or Save.

2. Disable WhatsApp Bio on iPhone

For those of you who use an iPhone, then you can apply the following method by first opening the Whatsapp application on your iPhone.

To remove the WhatsApp Android bio, then you select the settings menu or the settings on the menu. Then select a profile or tap your name. You can set the Info or About section to delete the bio or even customize it as needed.

To save it you can click save or save. Those are the two things you can do when you don't want a bio for privacy.

But you also have to update the Whatsapp feature so you can use it without problems. Check out the following reviews.

That's how to easily remove the WhatsApp bio for Android and iPhone by updating the WhatsApp application so that it is always in the latest version. So you get the best experience from the latest Whatsapp features.

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