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How To Use Face Filters on Google Meet

Learn how to use video filters in Google Meet. This new feature in Google Meet allows users to have funny and unique video displays so that online meetings are more impressive.

Yes, online meetings with Google Meet video teleconferencing are now even more exciting after new video filters. This new filter in Google Meet makes facial expressions funny and fun.

During the current pandemic, video teleconferencing applications are often used to conduct virtual meetings. There are various applications that can be used, one of which is Google Meet. The Google Meet video teleconferencing application is used by various circles.

How To Use Face filters on Google Meet

Google Meet is also often used to conduct remote meetings, such as for meetings, studying online, or simply communicating with friends. Well, to make video calls not stiff and boring, Google Meet has features in the form of filters and video effects.

Google also released a series of new filters that can be used in the mobile version of Google Meet. The various video filters available on Google Meet are similar to the various AR face filters on Zoom, as well as social media applications such as Instagram, Snapchat, and others.

There are a number of video filters that Google Meet users can choose from, such as cats, astronauts, to jellyfish. There are also a number of other video filters for Google Meet users such as crocodile heads, cacti, french fries, flowers, robots, gowns, and many others.

The face filters in this video are already available in the Google Meet application on iOS and Android phones. The facial features in Google Meet can already be tested on the Google Meet application version 2021.06.13.380686643. Release or in the Gmail application version 2021.05.30.381370072. Release on Android phones.

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