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Tiktok Extends Video Length to 3 Minutes

TikTok on Thursday (1/7/2021) announced that its service will start allowing three-minute content after claiming successful trials involving large numbers of users over the past few months.

Previously TikTok videos could only be 60 seconds long. Initially, TikTok only allowed 15-second videos on its platform.

Tiktok Extends Video Length to 3 Minutes

"With longer videos, creators will have a canvas to create or expand content types on TikTok," said TikTok Product Manager Drew Kirchhoff.

Kirchhoff admitted that the policy change was taken after hearing input from the TikTok user community, especially those who want to showcase tutorial, educational, and comedy content.

Previously, many TikTok creators circumvented the video duration limit by uploading videos in the form of part 1, part 2, and so on. This format is considered a hassle for many users.

This new policy is considered a serious threat to competitors, such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, which are competing to cheat on the Chinese social media.

Instagram, for example, has just launched Reels, while Youtube is enlivening it through Shorts. As for Snapchat trying their luck through Spotlight. But so far no one has managed to shake TikTok's dominance.

TikTok said in a statement that its new policy of allowing 3 minutes of TikTok videos will be implemented in the next few weeks.

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