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Fn.gg/impostorstrials - Join On Fortnite Impostors Trials

Impostorstrials.fortnite.com - Hello everyone, how are you, Fortnite game users? Hope you guys are in good health, guys... Recently, Epic Games launched The Impostor Trials in Fortnite game, which held an event, by giving you the task of getting free skins by registering to play at the fn. gg/impostors trials event.

Fortnite Impostor Trials many say that Epic Games is following in the footsteps of the Among Us game. Because there will be controversy because of the large number of importers in the Fortnite game. If you want to try participating in the fn.gg/fnimpossibilities event and want to get rewards by completing the given task, here we will discuss it for you about fn. gg/imposters trials.

Fn.gg impostorstrials - How to Join in the Fortnite Impostors Trials

What is the fn. gg/impostors trials?

Fortnite Impostors Trials is the latest release event in the Fortnite game. Where will bring suspense, sabotage and fun in opening prizes in the game Fortnite. This event, fn. gg/impostors trials, will run from August 25 at 4:00 a.m. ET to September 5, 2021 at 11:59 p.m. ET. Many players will take part in this event which is estimated to be up to 5 million Fortnite gamers.

How to Register and Join at fn. gg/impostors trials

Free gifts will be available starting August 25 if you join the Fortnite Impostors Trials event. How to join fn. gg/impostors trials event is very easy, you just need to visit the official Fortnite Impostors Trial website via: https://impostorstrials.fortnite.com/en/.

Login with your Epic Games account credentials so you can get badges and prizes. To take part in this event you have to play in the new Impostors Mode, so you can collect points in every game you play. You will get 1 badge upon login and give players 1 badge.

At the fn.gg/imposterstrials event there are 20 games available and 11 badges in total, as well as in-game prizes. You have to play fully in Impostors mode to get points, because you can only get them by playing in Impostors mode.

How to claim prizes at Impostorstrials.fortnite.com

If you've got all the badges on fn. gg/impostors trials, all the badges you've earned will be put into the player's locker where you can claim them right away. You can get the prize immediately if you can get the badge and claim the prize at the locker.

Fn.gg impostorstrials - How to Join in the Fortnite Impostors Trials

The prizes that you can get at fn. gg/impostors trials are one badge: Hot Headed Spray, six badges: Just Between Us Emoticon, 11 badges in the form of Spectral Flex Wrap.

That's the information about fn.gg/impostorstrials that you can know. Immediately join the Impostorstrials.fortnite.com event and collect points and badges so you can claim and get attractive prizes.

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