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Follow Amung Us, Fortnite Presents Impostors Game Mode

Are you users of Among Us? Do you like acting as an "Impostor"? Indeed, the presence of this social game by Innersloth invites tremendous hype from gamers, even developers like Epic have joined in presenting similar gameplay in their battle royale game, namely Fortnite.

Yes, Epic has just presented a new game mode called Fortnite: Impostors. This game mode is present as part of the latest patch from Fortnite for Thursday (19/8), and will be unlocked for a limited time later.

Follow Amung Us, Fortnite Presents Impostors Game Mode

Sus and Vote

If you've ever played Among Us, it's actually not that hard to understand what the gameplay is like for Fortnite: Impostors.

This game mode will present 10 players, namely 8 Agents and 2 Impostors who are placed on The Bridge on an island. The Agents will be tasked with guarding The Bridge by completing several tasks. Meanwhile, the Impostors will try to take over The Bridge by eliminating the Agents before their identities are revealed.

If a player who has been eliminated or any suspicious moves is found, other players can hold a meeting session to discuss the events in the game, as well as open a voting session to determine who the players consider to be the Impostors among them.

Of course this is the Fortnite version of Among Us, but with a few additions. For example, Impostors can teleport players to random places to hide their movements. Additionally, Impostors can transform all players and their surroundings into Peely, Fortnite's banana-shaped mascot for a limited time in order to blend in with the crowd, helping them escape in desperate situations. Then lastly, Impostors can sabotage The Bridge in order to prevent Agents from completing their tasks.

This is not the first time that Epic has introduced a game mode a la Among Us. Previously, Epic had presented "The Spy Within" which was created by fan creators: DolphinDom, KKSlider, Bunni_, Wert, Blanky, jstkamui, MackJack, Ritual and Snownymous. This game mode was first present in December 2020.

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