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How to Change Name on Google Meet

During the current pandemic, Google Meet is one of the most widely used applications for schools and online meetings. Not many know, here's how to change the name on Google Meet.

Generally, school or online meetings have the same flow as offline schools or meetings. The only striking difference between the two is the media used.

How to Change Name on Google Meet

Because it is not much different, school participants or online meetings also require attendance using the participant's name displayed in the online meeting window.

Not many users know, here's how to change your name on Google Meet easily and practically. Check out some of the following ways to make your school or online meeting run smoothly.

If you are a Google Meet user on a laptop, you will usually enter this Google feature page using your Gmail address.

To set the name used, you need to go to your profile photo in the top right corner of the screen and select 'Manage your Google account'.

Automatically in this section, you will be directed to the Google account settings page. Next, go to the personal info option to change the Google Meet username.

After entering the desired name for attendance needs, then you only need to attend an online school or online meeting with the name that has been set.

Easy and practical and useful during a pandemic like now, that was how to change your name on Google Meet. By following some of the ways above, welcome to school or online meetings.

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