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How to Send One View Photo on WhatsApp

After first coming to WhatsApp Beta users, WhatsApp is now rolling out a new feature "View Once" or one view, widely to other users.

This new "View once" feature allows the recipient of a message to only view a photo or video once. The photo/video will disappear from the chat room, so it can no longer be seen by the recipient or sender.

How to Send One View Photo on WhatsApp

In WhatsApp, this one-time photo feature is represented by the number icon "1" which has an accent circle around it, which appears in the message writing field when sending photos/videos.

So how do you use this one-time photo feature on WhatsApp?

How to send a photo once see on WhatsApp

First of all, users need to make sure they have updated the WhatsApp application to the latest version. According to our observations, the once-view photo feature on WhatsApp is already available in the WhatsApp version application on Android phones.

Then next, users only need to follow the steps to send a video or photo once view, as follows:

  • Open the WhatsApp application on the phone
  • Select a contact you want to send a photo at a time
  • In the message field, users can select photos/videos from the gallery via the attachment icon, or they can also take photos/videos directly with the camera icon.
  • Then, in the caption column at the bottom, users will find the number icon "1"
  • Click the icon until a pop up appears saying "Photo set to view once" (photo set to view once)
  • Then, edit the photo/video and include the desired caption
  • When finished, send a video or photo in one view by clicking the "send" icon (arrow to the right)

Can still screenshot the recipient

From the recipient's side, the video or photo sent is viewed once on WhatsApp or the "View Once" feature will display the number icon "1", as a marker that the video or photo can only be viewed once.

As usual, users need to download the photo/video first before opening it. Even though it has been downloaded, photos or videos sent via the View Once feature will not be stored in the phone gallery.

After the photo or video is opened, the description "opened" will appear with a blue double tick. This indicates that the file has been viewed and cannot be opened again.

With this new one-time photo feature, user privacy when sending photos or videos on WhatsApp can be further improved.

However, photos or videos sent via the View Once feature still have the potential to be recorded or screenshotd by the recipient.

This has also been reminded by WhatsApp through the information window that appears when you first activate the Viwe Once feature, which reads "Remember, people can always take screenshots".

This is different from the View Once feature which is also available on Instagram direct messages (DM).

Despite having a similar function, according to the experiments we did, WhatsApp users did not get notifications, if the photos or videos sent using the "View Once" feature were recorded or screenshots by the recipient.

This is different from the view once feature in Instagram DMs, where the feature will notify the sender of the message when the recipient takes a screenshot or records a photo or video.

That's how to send a video or photo at a time on WhatsApp. Good luck!

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