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After the iOS 15 Update, the 'iPhone Storage Almost Full' Bug Appears

iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 were released publicly a few days ago. Shortly after its launch, some iPhone users complained about a bug that appeared after updating their device's operating system to iOS 15.

This bug is related to the internal memory present in iPhone and iPad. Some iPhone users have reported seeing an 'iPhone Storage Almost Full' warning in Settings, even though there's still plenty of internal memory left.

After the iOS 15 Update, the 'iPhone Storage Almost Full' Bug Appears

This bug seems to affect some iPhone models regardless of available storage space. When the user tries to delete some files, this warning still cannot be removed.

iPhone users who experience this bug are busy voicing their complaints on social media such as Twitter. Apple Support's Twitter account continues to be bombarded with reports of users complaining about this bug but they haven't come up with a solution yet.

After the iOS 15 Update, the 'iPhone Storage Almost Full' Bug Appears

Interestingly, this bug is not something new. Back in August, a user on the Apple Communities forum reported the same bug. This means that this bug appeared a month before iOS 15 was publicly launched.

A Twitter user also said this near-full memory bug continues to appear in the three versions of iOS 15 beta. If you experience this bug after the iOS 15 update, don't immediately try to delete important files and photos. The warning won't go away even if the user deletes multiple files.

Users are advised to wait for a fix update from Apple. Users who are impatient can do a factory reset, but make sure all photos, files and important data are backed up to iCloud or other storage.

This warning isn't the only storage-related bug that iPhone users have experienced after updating to iOS 15. Some users have also complained that their devices show inaccurate data about the amount of storage used by apps and files.

Apple is currently starting to test iOS and iPadOS 15.1. But if this bug can't be fixed quickly, it's not impossible that they will release an iOS 15.0.1 update in the near future to solve this problem and bring other improvements.

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