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Gmail Makes It Easy for Users to Find Emails With New Features

Through its official blog post, Google announced the launch of a new feature on its Gmail service, namely Search Filters. This feature allows users to filter emails or search results to find an email or information that is being searched for.

Google explains users can use this feature independently or post-search so it will be a little easier to select a filtering option from the drop-down list. For example a user can type a query and refine the results further by selecting a search filter such as from a coworker's name, or a specific time period.

Gmail Makes It Easy for Users to Find Emails With New Features

Meanwhile, if users search for emails by sender, they can select a list of suggested senders or search for emails from multiple senders. This feature has just been rolled out to Gmail users on Android and it will take a few weeks for it to reach all users which is expected by the end of October to be evenly distributed. It will also be available to all Google Workspace, G Suite Basic and Business customers.

Apart from that, the search engine on Google pages is also getting an update where users can control personalized results in Google Search. Users can now disable or enable the 'personalized search results' feature, which basically retrieves information from the user's Google Account to show personalized results.

When this feature is enabled, Google will display personalized search results with the help of the following services:

  • Prediction autocomplete which includes search predictions based on browsing history.
  • Personal answers such as location, reminders and reservations.
  • Recommendations based on Google activity like what to watch, places to visit, where to eat, etc.

If the user chooses to disable this feature, then Google will not show personalized search results based on the features listed above. To turn off the personalized search results option, simply go to Settings > Personal Results on the Google app homepage.

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