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How To Clear Instagram Cache On Android

Want to know how to get rid of the cache that has accumulated on the Instagram application? easy. You can clear the cache in the Instagram application quickly. Curious? let's see more.

Cache is the process of storing data so that the application used does not need to download data repeatedly.

How To Clear Instagram Cache On Android

Cache can speed up the applications used, even you can open the Instagram application without having to activate the internet, that's because the application caches data locally on your smartphone.

However, cache that is too much or piled up can also make the application slow or even crash.

It is important to clear the cache at least once a month, so that the application can run smoothly without any problems. Now in the article that I discussed about how to delete the Instagram cache on Android and iPhone smartphones.

You can clear the cache on Instagram so that the app can run smoothly later. Let's see how to clear the following Instagram cache.

How to Clear Instagram Cache

In this article I will explain two ways to clear the cache on the Instagram application. You can clear Instagram cache on iPhone or Android smartphone.

And use the tutorial below according to the smartphone you are using.

How to clear instagram cache on android? here's how:

How to Clear Instagram Cache on Android

  • First, open the Settings menu on your smartphone.
  • Then go to the Applications menu.
  • And select the Manage Applications menu
  • Then search for the Instagram app
  • Finally, select Clear Cache.

That way, the cache in your Instagram application has been successfully deleted.

The tutorial on how to clear the Instagram cache on Android above I used a xiaomi smartphone, but it can also be used for other smartphones such as: samsung, oppo, vivo, asus, xiaomi and other smartphone brands.

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