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Lemoiscarrefour. com To Get Voucher In Store Carrefour

Recently, many internet users have searched for the existence of the Lemoiscarrefour site. com most of them in the territory of the country of France. If you are the one who wants to know information about lemoiscarrefour. com, here we will provide some information for you.

Lemoiscarrefour. com is a service that is used to exchange vouchers, where recently that Carrefour held a celebration of new teachings, by holding a game called "Le jeu du Mois de toutes vos envies". Games are held from September 7 and will end until October 4, 2021.

Lemoiscarrefour. com To Get Voucher In Store Carrefour

You can get the information via: https://www.lemoiscarrefour.com/ for more details. There you will be given information about the rules that you want to take part in the game of celebrating the new teachings. The rules that apply to this celebration are that you are required to buy with a minimum amount of € 30 and will get a scratch card and you will be given 2 opportunities to get a gift in the form of 1 box of Carrefour in-store rub vouchers, and also 1 code that you can enter at lemoiscarrefour. com in order to win a card with a prize of € 50.

Lemoiscarrefour game. com requires you to make a purchase and collect for every scratch card you can receive at the checkout. So, if your spending is € 50, then you will get a scratch card of up to one ticket per day for one person.

On every month game card that you get, will give you 2 times the chance to win. For that, swipe the game card that you received from the cashier after you make payment for the purchases you made. Find out if you won on any of the Carrefour vouchers of € 1 to € 10.

Here are the details of the vouchers that will be won by scratching: 15,000 Carrefour vouchers for €10, 70,000 Carrefour vouchers for €5, 200,000 Carrefour vouchers for €3, 425,000 Carrefour vouchers for €2, 1,000,000 Carrefour vouchers for €1

If you win at this first stroke, the game ticket automatically becomes a voucher and to take advantage of it, you must present it at the cash desk by 18 October 2021, at any Carrefour store.

Whether you win or lose, it's not over! You can now play with your unique participation code to enter at www.lemoiscarrefour.com! This one will probably get you 50€.

The 2nd part of the game takes place in the form of a draw. That way you have a second chance to win prizes by registering at www.lemoiscarrefour.com (or by clicking on the button at the end of the article to see great plans) with your unique code on a scratch card. communicated via email after playing digital games after Drive).

Every code entered gives you a chance in the draw. And if you are a loyalty card and/or Pass card holder then you will have one additional chance in the draw, which is two chances to win.

In total, 1,000 Carrefour e-gift cards worth € 50 will be awarded through 4 random draws during operation, the dates and distribution are as follows: 250 Carrefour e-gift cards awarded on 16 September, 250 Carrefour electronic gift cards awarded on 23 September, 250 Carrefour e-gift cards awarded on September 30, 250 Carrefour e-gift cards awarded on October 07

If you win, your e-gift card will be valid for 1 year from the date of issue on every purchase made at a Carrefour store (excluding drives), your e-card will be separable and there is no minimum 'purchase'.

Whether it's straight from the start at the store or using your code to enter at www.lemoiscarrefour.com, you stand a good chance of winning one of the vouchers or gift cards involved, so don't waste time if you have a Carrefour store near you.

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