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Reels Short Video Feature Coming to Facebook

The Reels short video feature, which was originally only accessible on Instagram, is now also available on the Facebook application for smartphones. Reels on Facebook for the time being can only be tested by Facebook users in the United States. "We've provided an entertaining short video experience for content creators on Instagram.

Reels Short Video Feature Coming to Facebook

Now we will also bring this experience to more content creators on the Facebook app," Facebook wrote in a blog post. Similar to Instagram, Facebook users can create Reels video content accompanied by a variety of music, audio, effects, and more.

The method is also not much different. To create a Reels video on Facebook, users simply click the "Create" button (camera icon) in the upper right corner.

Users can swipe up on the screen to see the next short video content created by other users, and swipe down to view previously viewed content.

Uploaded content can be commented on like TikTok videos. Users can also like and share the content with friends. Placement of the like, comment, and share buttons are on the right side of the video.

The Reels feature on Facebook appears on the News Feed Section and Group pages. In the News Feed, the Reels feature can be found at the top, flanked by the "Stories" and "Rooms" buttons.

To invite more audience, later Instagram users can also share their Reels content directly to Facebook. However, at this time, Facebook says that the capability is still in the testing phase.

In order to help content creators earn income, Facebook plans to present a bonus program The Reels Play with funds worth 1 billion US dollars (Rp 14.3 trillion) for them until 2022. The bonus program will apply to content creators for Facebook and Instagram. .

As an early stage, The Reels Play bonus will be offered via an invite line for Facebook users in the United States. The bonus program is also planned to be released to all Facebook users globally.

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