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Samsung Starts Work on New Galaxy Note For 2022

Many rumors say that Samsung will "turn off" the Note series as its flagship smartphone. Recently, information shows that the South Korean manufacturer is said to be working on the latest Galaxy Note as a flagship.

Rumors of "turning off" the Note series have been around since earlier this year, a Samsung executive allegedly said that the company would not release a Note flagship in 2021.

Samsung Starts Work on New Galaxy Note

The reason is, because it will be difficult to release several flagship phones with S Pen compatibility "in one year's time." The global chip shortage may also play a role in this.

The Galaxy S21 Ultra and Galaxy Z Fold 3 are the first non-Note phones to support a stylus. YouTuber Jimmy Is Promo also chimed in by saying that the series was never canceled.

He added that Samsung will vary more in launch each year between the Galaxy S and Note series, something fans are also demanding.

Samsung's Koh Dong-jin previously said that the Note series would return in 2022. However, the launch time frame is subject to change.

Some time ago it was reported that Samsung had not renewed the trademark for the Galaxy Note. The Dutch source, Let's Go Digital, doesn't see it as a sign of cancellation as the related trademark registration is valid until April 2023.

For now, it's hard to say anything with certainty about the fate of the Note line. Although Samsung seems to be prioritizing foldable phones and its latest Galaxy Z handset is off to a great start.

Even conventional smartphones still make up the bulk of smartphone sales and the Galaxy S21 series flagship, reportedly underperforming.

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