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Telegram Update Brings the Latest Features

The messaging app Telegram is rolling out an update that brings the latest line of features. Anything?

The first feature is the user's ability to set the chat theme color. Here users can choose from eight gradient color themes provided. The user-applied theme can also be applied to the chat view of the interlocutor.

Then the display on the message bubbles will also be gradient themed, animated backgrounds, unique background patterns with various images and also have day and night modes for each theme.

Telegram Update Brings the Latest Features.jpg

Second, Telegram adds interactive emojis. So when the user sends one of the animated emoji in the chat, once the emoji is tapped it will be displayed animation in full screen also accompanied by a vibration effect.

The third new feature is group read receipts. Users in small groups can now choose which messages to send and can see who in the group has seen them.

Telegram says it will keep records of these read receipts for only seven days from the time the message is sent.

Lastly, group admins can now also record live streams. During a live stream, admins can use the record feature and save part or all of the stream for viewing in the group after the stream ends.

The update is now available on all platforms on both iOS and Android.

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