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WhatsApp Will Introduce Video Mute Feature on iOS

Good news for WhatsApp users, especially those using the iOS operating system. This messaging application will have a new feature, namely mute video. As the name implies, 'Mute Video', this feature allows users to mute the video before it is sent.

This feature may sound familiar, because it has been on WhatsApp Android since last March. The presence of this feature on WhatsApp iOS was first discovered by WABetaInfo. The feature is available for trial on WhatsApp iOS beta version

WhatsApp Will Introduce Video Mute Feature on iOS

In the screenshot shared by WABetaInfo, how the video mute feature on iOS looks similar to WhatsApp on Android.

After selecting or recording the video they want to send, users can simply tap the speaker icon in the upper left corner, just below the video slider to mute the sound in the video.

In addition, WhatsApp also brings a slight change to the video composer. The change is in terms of the toggle design for converting videos into GIFs, which is located in the upper right corner.

Then, as reported by the WABetaInfo page, WhatsApp users will be able to see the size of the video to be sent.

When a user edits a video in the video composer, the new size will be immediately visible on the screen. But unfortunately iOS users have to be a little patient, because the new video mute feature will be available for WhatsApp iOS users who have joined the beta program.

So far, there is no further information on when the video mute feature for iOS will be rolled out to the public or to all WhatsApp users.

Previously, WhatsApp was also rumored to be launching another new feature, namely the feature of sending high-quality photos. The feature is reportedly already in WhatsApp beta for Android version

Similar to the feature developed by WhatsApp to send high-quality videos, later users can choose the quality of the photos to be sent, one of which is the highest quality.

WhatsApp users are currently able to send photos in chat, but the quality will decrease due to the compressed size. If you want to send a photo with high quality, it must be sent in the form of a document.

The presence of the feature to send photos with high quality makes it easier for users because they no longer have to go through a 'complicated' way to send the best photos. WhatsApp provides an option for its users to send photos of the desired quality.

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