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How to Create Google Forms on Android

How to make Google Forms can be done easily without the help of other applications. Students or students can create only with the default browser on Android. As is known, Google Form or is a service that is available for free from Google for its users. Through Google Forms, users can create online forms or questionnaires.

Google Forms are very useful for students or college students. For example, final year students need Google Forms to conduct thesis research by collecting data. For the school environment, usually teachers, parents, and students use Google Forms to fill in student data.

How to Create Google Forms on Android

In addition, in everyday life Google Forms can also be used as registration forms when applying for jobs, online shopping orders and much more. Users don't need to worry about this free service because data security will be guaranteed by Google and automatically stored in Google Drive.

Well, to make it you don't have to bother using a laptop or other applications. You can use a browser on your cellphone, you know.

How to make a Google Form on Android easily and quickly:

  • Make sure you have a Google account in the form of Gmail
  • Open the browser on your cellphone and go to the Google Forms site at https://docs.google.com/forms/
  • Select the desired form template. There are Blank, Event Feedback, Order Form, JobApplication, and Time Off Request
  • For those of you who access via Google Drive, go to the site https://drive.google.com/spreadsheets/ or click New located in the upper left corner then select More and select Google Forms. Next to Google Forms, after that point to the right arrow and click on Blank Form or from Template
  • If you have selected a template or an empty template, then give the form a title by clicking Untitled form
  • Write a short description in the Form Description column so that people can understand the purpose of the form
  • Then create a question and select a question type format consisting of:
Multiple Choice (Multiple Choice) for answers Yes, No, Maybe or Others
Short Answers or Paragraphs for answers that require description
Checkboxes and Dropdown options

To add a question, you can click the "+" sign on the right side

For file upload purposes, you can add the features on the right side of the Google Form

When the questions have been compiled, click the submit button in the upper right corner, then share the Google Form link that has been created and send it to the intended respondent.

For those of you who feel the Google Form link is too long, you can change it to make it shorter. The trick is to click Shorten URL and then Copy the link.

Meanwhile, to see the results of the questionnaire or the form that has been created, you can look in the Responses section to the right of the Questions section. You will see how many people have responded to the Google Form.

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