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How to Make Add Yours Stickers on Instagram Story

Instagram is testing the Add Yours stories reply sticker in stages for users in Indonesia and Japan. Through these stickers, users can start fun conversations with followers and other Instagram users in Stories.

How to Make Add Yours Stickers on Instagram Story

"Instagram's mission is to connect users with the people, things, interests and issues they love. Add Yours stickers allow users to share and express their opinions and creativity on a topic in an open, fun and casual way through Stories, "said Instagram in its official statement.

"Add Yours stickers are currently being phased out for users in Indonesia and Japan. Instagram hopes to bring this feature to more countries in the near future," he added.

How to Use Add Yours Stickers

  • You can visit the sticker gallery and select Add Yours)
  • Tap the dice icon to view and choose inspiration topics that have been provided by Instagram, or can be creative and raise other topics that you want to be discussed and shared with other users.
  • Users will receive notifications whenever another user joins the topic raised. In addition, responses from other users will be collected and can be viewed by tapping on the sticker.
  • When viewing the Add Yours sticker on their friend's Stories, users can participate in the fun of the challenge and discussion of the topic by tapping the Add Yours button.
  • Next, the uploaded content will appear on their own Stories and their friends' Add Yours sticker page.

For users who have private accounts, the Add Yours discussion topics they raise and the responses they give can only be seen by those who follow them.

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