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How to Record WhatsApp Chats on Android and iOS

WhatsApp is still the champion of smartphone applications in the world. Its features continue to grow, including video calls and also how to record chats.

Recording ongoing phone calls in the WhatsApp application is easy to do, both on Android smartphones and iOS iPhones. Although, the phone does not have a built-in call recorder. This can be done by installing a third-party application.

How to Record WhatsApp Chats on Android and iOS

Here's how to record WhatsApp chats on Android and iOS:

1. Use the Cube ACR app on your Android smartphone

Recording phone calls from Whatsapp on the Android platform is quite easy. You just need to use an app called Cube ACR (Another Call Recorder). Here's how to enable call recording:

  • Install Cube ACR (Another Call Recorder) from Play Store.
  • Open the app and grant all permissions.
  • Then open the WhatsApp application and call the contact.
  • If the Cube Call widget appears and lights up, it's working.
  • If nothing happens, go to Cube Call Recorder settings and enable 'Ignore VoIP-Support Check' and 'Force in-call mode'.

2. Use the Real Call Recorder app on Android

As one of the most popular call recorder apps, it can be used to download phone calls from WhatsApp Messenger, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Skype and more.

Real Call Recorder utility supports not only incoming call recording, but outgoing call recording as well. It will automatically record all calls made using WhatsApp and save the recording file in MP3 format. So it is very convenient for you to play it on your mobile at any time.

This app also lets you share live recordings on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and others.

Here are the steps to record WhatsApp calls with Real Call Recorder, as quoted from Jihosoft:

  • Open this recorder app on your phone.
  • In the app interface, select the WhatsApp icon to enable WhatsApp call recording.
  • After that the app will go into your background and automatically record every time a WhatsApp call is in progress.
  • After the call is finished, the recording will be saved. You can find and play them from the list of recordings.

3. Use the Messenger Call Recorder app on Android

The Messenger Call Recorder app is also a great option for recording WhatsApp calls. It has a lot in common with Real Call Recorder. This app records WhatsApp calls with high definition sound quality along with less battery consumption and phone memory.

You can set preferences for the minimum duration of WhatsApp calls to be recorded to avoid unnecessary recording automatically. In the list of records, you can easily find the recordings you want by using the time and date sorting options, and mark any recording as your favourite.

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