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How to Create And Send Gift Message In Instagram

This guide will let you know how to easily create a Gift Message on instagram. So, keep reading until the end of the discussion.

Instagram recently added a new feature, users can send gift messages on Instagram, which makes messages look more unique and attractive. Users can use this new feature to send birthday wishes to friends or others.

How to Create And Send Gift Message In Instagram

Gift messages look more attractive, when other users click on the message, the box will open and display the message hidden behind the gift box. That's why most Instagram users like this feature, recipients can't see the message until they click on the gift message icon.

How to send gift message in Instagram

Sending a gift message in an Instagram chat is very simple. First of all, users need to update the message function on Instagram to get this gift message feature.

How to send a gift message or a gift message on Instagram after the update, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Instagram app
  2. Swipe right/open Instagram chat
  3. Then enter the gift message, but don't send it right away
  4. While typing, there is a search icon near the message on the left
  5. Tap the search icon and swipe to select a gift message template
  6. Now click send

That's it, about how to send gift messages in Instagram easily send gift messages / gift messages in Instagram chats. Good luck!

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