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PUBG New State Officially Released Today

PUBG: New State is officially released today, November 11, 2021 and can be obtained through Google Play and the App Store. Even so, there seems to be a slight problem when entering the game.

After successfully downloading the 1.4GB size, the detikINET team cannot access this Battle Royale game made by Krafton. The resource download process on the loading screen is hampered and stops at a percentage of 38%.

Then a pop up with a notification appears, which explains that the player cannot connect to the server. Other gamers also felt the same thing and submitted their complaints in the PUBG: New State comment column on Google Play. They also flocked to report this on Twitter.

PUBG New State Officially Released Today

The developer also gave his opinion regarding this matter. They said that due to a problem with the current server, the release was postponed until 06.00 UTC or around 13.00 WIB, where the previous schedule was 04.00 UTC or 11.00 WIB.

"This issue is being reviewed by our development team as a top priority, and we apologize to the many people who have been waiting," Krafton wrote.

PUBG: New State itself, is an update of PUBG Mobile with more realistic graphics. Krafton said this game will use the latest technology, in order to provide a gaming experience that is equivalent to the PC version of PUBG.

The game mechanics in it are not much different from its predecessor. You have to keep trying to be the last player standing in the game. However, there are slight adjustments, namely making it more futuristic, such as presenting drones, combat shields and several more modern vehicle designs.

In addition, players are also given freedom, with weapons customization features and a recruitment system to attract enemies into the squad.

The developer also confirmed that PUBG: New Sate will have a very strong anti-cheat system. The goal is none other than to provide a fair playing experience for all gamers.