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WhatsApp Prepares Communities Feature, Can Create Groups in Groups

WhatsApp is known to be working on a new feature called Communities or communities. This feature allows users to create groups or groups within a WhatsApp group.

Information about this new feature was discovered by the site for leaking WhatsApp's new feature, WABetaInfo. Based on the information shared, this feature will be useful if a group of people in a group want to talk about a specific topic without the hassle of creating a new group.

WhatsApp Prepares Communities Feature, Can Create Groups in Groups

For example, when a WhatsApp group, which contains a community of gamers, wants to talk about topics based on certain game titles. They can use the Communities feature to separate groups into various "channels".

This is practically similar to the channel feature, aka Channels, on Discord. So, a WhatsApp group will be similar to a Discord server, while the available channels are a feature of WhatsApp Communities.

Visually, as shown in the image above, the Communities conversation window itself looks similar to other WhatsApp conversation windows, and all conversations also appear to have been protected by an end-to-end encryption system.

The difference lies in the avatar frame design for the Communities icon itself, which appears to be decorated with a square frame that has squared corners, not rounded as usual.

Previously, the avatar frame design or picture squared profile picture itself was present in the WhatsApp Beta Android update. But then it was returned to a rounded design by WhatsApp.

Like WhatsApp groups, admins in Communities can also use various other features or tools to manage conversations that take place in the conversation room.

One of them is a tool to invite potential "occupants" of the Communities space via a link or QR code. Apart from the invitation feature, it is not clear what other tools can be used by Communities admins.

It is not yet known when this feature will be widely available to WhatsApp users, both Android and iOS. Because, this feature is said to be under development by WhatsApp. We'll just wait.

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