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Google Will Bring Android Games to Windows OS

Google has big plans in 2022, namely bringing Android games to Windows, including the Google Play Games application. Play Games will be a 'bridge' to bring Android games to Windows, be it a laptop, tablet, or desktop PC.

"Starting 2022, players will be able to enjoy their favorite games from Google Play on more devices: also seamlessly move from phones, tablets, Chromebooks and in the near future, Windows PCs," said Greg Hartrell, Product Director of Games Android and Google. Play.

Google Will Bring Android Games to Windows

"This product by Google will bring the power of Google Play Games to laptops and desktops, and we can't wait to expand our platform for players to enjoy Android games more."

According to Google spokesman Alex Garcia-Kummert, they build their own apps that allow Android games to be played on Windows, which means they don't work with emulator app makers like BlueStacks and the like.

This app, as Google showcased at The Game Awards, also allows players to transfer games previously played on mobile devices to PCs.

Then the release will occur in 2022, and so far it is not clear what technology Google will use to emulate Android applications on Windows, but what is clear is that the game will be played locally, aka not via streaming from the cloud.

"This will be a native Windows application distributed by Google, and support Windows 10 and above. It will not involve streaming games," explained Hartrell, who also stated that he would not rely on special integrations between Android applications and Windows 11.

Google's announcement comes a few months after Microsoft started testing Android apps on Windows 11. Microsoft is using the Windows Subsystem for Android, which can run Android apps from a variety of sources.

Microsoft teamed up with Amazon to bring this feature to life, which means that very few Android apps and games are available on Windows 11. That's a loophole that Google and some Android emulator providers like BlueStacks and others may be looking for.

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