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How To Quickly Delete Gmail Messages Permanently

When opening gmail, users will see a lot of old messages in the inbox. This is quite disturbing for some people, especially since there is a lot of spam, promotions and so on that you don't want to see.

The number of messages that come in on gmail users is common because users use the same email in multiple accounts. As a result, many notifications come from the applications and online platforms that you use. Therefore, one way that you can do to have an inbox view in your gmail, users can delete email messages permanently.

How To Quickly Delete Gmail Messages Permanently

Not only does this make the display more pleasing to the eye, this method can also make the storage space on your Google Drive larger so that it can be used to store more important document files. Therefore, if you feel that your gmail messages are too many and want to be cleaned, users can follow the steps that we have compiled below.

How to Delete Messages in Gmail Easily

To start deleting messages that enter the gmail account, users can log in using their email address first to the gmail application on your smartphone device.

If you use a computer or laptop device, users can open any of the browsers on your device and enter the gmail site. After logging in to gmail, users can select the “All Mail” or “All Email” menu which is on the left side of the menu column of the user's main page.

If you don't find the menu, you can scroll down and select “More”. In the panel in the upper right corner you will see all your e-mails, namely your inbox, outbox, and e-mail that you have archived. To select all emails, click the “Select” column that appears. Gmail will check all emails that are on that page.

However, if you want to choose which emails to delete users can select certain conversations or messages contained on the page. Users can put a check mark in each column that is next to your email column. After you select the email you want to delete, the user can click the "Delete" icon to continue the process of deleting the email in the upper right corner.

After that, a "Confirm Bulk Action" pop up notification will appear to confirm the message you selected will be deleted. If you are sure about the action, select the "OK" menu.

Thus, the messages you selected in your gmail will be permanently deleted. Users can also take advantage of the available storage space in Google Drive to store other files.

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