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fn.gg stonehearttrials Join And Claim Free Rewards

fn. gg/stoneheart trials Meet us again in the discussion of the game Fortnite, where recently Epic Games presented their latest event in the game Fortnite, namely the Fortnite Stoneheart Trials in commemoration of Valentine's Day. The Fortnite Stoneheart Trials or fn. gg/stoneheart trials event that you can participate in will last until Monday, February 21, 2022, and will give you four different rewards, namely wrap and pickaxe.

fn.gg/stonehearttrials Join And Claim Free Rewards

So, for those of you who are interested in joining this event, hurry up to join and claim these rewards at the Fortnite Stoneheart Trials event. Rewards are in the form of a wrap and pickaxe which you can open for free and you can also add them to your Fortnite locker by participating in the Fortnite Stoneheart Trials event. From fn.gg/stonehearttrials event, you are required to take part in challenges to get some items that are easy for you to do.

To follow it, you must first do it outside the game to qualify you to get it. So, for those of you who want to know how to join and claim rewards at the Fortnite Stoneheart Trials, you have to set up an account for the Fortnite Stoneheart Trials event.

How to take part in the Fortnite Stoneheart Trials

At fn.gg/stonehearttrials event, you are required to join for free on the Fortnite Stoneheart Trials website. namely on the website https://www.fn.gg/stonehearttrials/. After logging in and you confirm your account, then you have to complete several missions and the progress of the challenge is recorded in the account you use on fn. gg/stoneheart trials. You can see and check the statistics and progress of the fn. gg/stoneheart challenge on the website so you can measure the challenge.

How to get rewards at fn.gg/stonehearttrials Fortnite Stoneheart Trials.

Challenge event fn.gg/stonehearttrials you will get four separate Fortnite Stoneheart Trial prizes in total. Where the first three prizes that you can unlock are badges during the event, which are obtained after you join and connect with fn.gg/stoneheart trials.

For the next badge that you will unlock on every two Top 10 that you successfully complete in Solo, duo and trio mode games or in Battle Royale Squad games. The prizes that you can claim in the fn.gg/stonehearttrials event are One badge: Doomed Affair Spray, Six badges: Warm Wrap, Eleven badges: Thorns of Passion Pickaxe.

If you have difficulty reaching the Top 10 then you are required to be in the battle bus for a long time, and do so to unlock your gliders as soon as possible. Continue to float to a location in the middle of the island to wait for the storm circle that will first appear. If you have got it then you have to aim right in the middle and then find the best location for you to hide, for example in the trees and bushes to wait as long as possible until your opponent finally eliminates each other.

fn.gg/stonehearttrials Join And Claim Free Rewards

You'll get the Grim Devotion Emoticon in the fn.gg/stonehearttrials event, which requires you to choose one of six creative maps that are used as tools for grabs during the fn.gg/stonehearttrials event. This step you do, of course, on the website fn. gg/stoneheart trials to check your choice. Submit so you guys can finish over the night fn.gg/stonehearttrials .

Submit and complete half of the event, so you can complete half of the event in the form of an access code fn.gg/stonehearttrials namely [Frost Riders] Rocket vs Car: 8256-4820-6746, Hockey Gladiator: 1169-6046-7349, Cowboy Hunt: 5808-1158-7751, Ice Cave: 3489-5945-4957, Royale Speed: 6472-4495-2088, Winterlands Chaos: 9315-7745-8668

That's the information we can convey about fn.gg/stonehearttrials Fortnite Stoneheart Trials, the newest event from Epic games. Good luck!

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