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iOS 15.4 Complained to Make iPhone Battery Wasteful

Last week Apple started deploying iOS 15.4 to iPhone users. Its flagship feature is Face ID, which can still recognize the user's face even when wearing a mask.

This is a feature that is actually very important, and is fairly late in its presence. Considering that everyone currently (should) wear a mask when leaving the house.

iOS 15.4 Complained to Make iPhone Battery Wasteful

In order for this feature to be used, the user must perform a face scan again. Namely to record more information from the user's face, especially around the eyes, because the other parts are covered by a mask.

But behind these important features, there are other improvements that are no less important. Namely patched 39 security holes. It's just that, this update is also complained by some users, because their iPhone battery consumption becomes very wasteful. One of them is Alex Kretzschmar via the Twitter account @IronicBadger.

"Battery consumption on iOS 15.4 is insane. I can safely say that my battery life today is only half of last week's. Shocking!" he said.

Then there is also Maxim Shishko (@lamaks_3) who wrote that the battery consumption on iOS 15.4 is really bad.

"IOS 15.4 battery life is really bad. After 24 hours - 80%, the screen is active for no more than two hours and I only use Safari, YouTube, Instagram, Uber. (iPhone 11 battery capacity 93%), "he said.

Actually, consuming excessive battery power after updating the operating system is common. Because after the update is complete, usually there will still be another update that runs in the background and is invisible to the user.

So it should be a few days after the new update can be ascertained whether there is indeed an excessive power consumption problem or not. And Apple (again, it should), will not stay silent if there is a problem in updating its operating system and making improvements.