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iPhone Restarting Itself And How To Fix It

The cause of the iPhone restarting itself is definitely something you should be aware of as a user. Because, the iPhone suddenly restarts itself, of course, becomes a problem and interferes with your use. Not infrequently, some users are annoyed with this iPhone problem. Instead of buying a new iPhone, you can solve it by knowing the cause first.

4 Causes of iPhone Restarting Itself and How to Solve It

The condition of the iPhone that died suddenly is more often experienced by old iPhone users. Even so, it is possible if the new version of the iPhone also experiences it. There are many factors that cause it. Apart from the age factor, it can also be caused by hardware to software problems. For more details, you can see the information related to the causes and how to overcome them below.

iPhone Restarting Itself And How To Fix It

1. iOS Software is Damaged

The cause of the iPhone restarting itself is because the iOS software is damaged. Damage to this software is because there is an error or incorrect code. This causes the software to be disrupted. Like it or not, you have to start over again.

The solution that you can use is to reinstall the iPhone or restore the iPhone. For those of you who don't know how, here is an explanation of the steps.
  • First, please press the "Home + Power" button until the iPhone screen turns off.
  • Next, please prepare the iPhone's default USB or original USB that matches your iPhone.
  • After that, connect your iPhone to your computer or laptop using the USB.
  • The next step, run "iTunes".
  • Position the iPhone into Device Firmware Update (DFU), the trick is to press the "Home + Power" button simultaneously for about 10 seconds.
  • Then, release the “Power” button. However, you keep pressing the “Home” button.
  • Please wait about 10 seconds and release the "Home" button.
  • After a few seconds, “iTunes” will show a notification. Automatically, “iTunes” will start the process of restoring your iPhone to its default position.
  • Your iPhone will reboot by itself.
  • Then, “iTunes” will give you the option to restore from a backup that you have done.
  • This process can take about 2-3 hours.
  • If the restore process is complete, a notification will appear and your iPhone will reboot.
  • The last step, you just need to sync your iPhone with the "iTunes".

2. Damage to Hardware

The cause of the iPhone restarting itself experienced by almost all users is due to damage to the hardware. This hardware damage is caused by the age and old iPhone technology. If your iPhone is outdated, don't be surprised if it restarts on its own. The solution to overcome this damage is to take it to the nearest iPhone service center.

3. There is a Conflict Application

Another cause of the iPhone restarting itself is that there is an application conflict. The existence of this conflicting application will force iOS to restart. To solve the cause of this problem, it is enough to delete all the conflicting apps. Another way is to do a hard reset on the iPhone.

For those of you who want to know the steps, here is the explanation.
  • The first step, press the "Home + Power" button simultaneously for a few seconds, until the Apple logo appears.
  • Then, press the “Volume UP” button, press this button while the iPhone is booting up.
  • The next step, please go to "Springboard".
  • Then, please open "Cydia".
  • After that, please remember what applications are experiencing conflicts, then delete the application.
  • As a final step, try to reboot the iPhone. If your iPhone can enter the home screen after the reboot process is complete, it means that the steps you have applied have been successful.

4. iPhone has Virus or Jailbreak

The next cause of the iPhone restarting itself is due to a virus attack or jailbreak. If you're a jailbroken or jailbroken iPhone user, then you're unlocking all the security systems that protect that iPhone. When the security system is open it will be very easy for viruses to enter. One way to overcome this is to remove the jailbreak or otherwise unjailbreak the iPhone.

By knowing the cause of the iPhone restarting itself, of course, it will make it easier for you to handle it in the right way. In addition, to deal with the iPhone that restarts itself, of course, you have to be more patient, because it is different from Android which is bootloop.

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