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How to Save Android Contacts On Google Drive

Afraid your contacts are lost or accidentally deleted? You can back it up to Google Drive for how to save contacts in Google Drive itself is quite easy to do. As we know Google Drive is a data storage service created by Google. This service allows its users to save data from the server and synchronize it across different devices.

In addition, this service is also usually used to back up data on an Android smartphone device so that when the data is lost in the phone's memory, users can recover it easily via Google Drive.

How to Save Contacts on Android's Google Drive

Interestingly, Google Drive can not only be used to store data files or photos, they also provide a place for users who want to back up their phone contacts. Especially if you are a businessman, customer contact is definitely quite important so that the promotion process is wider if you have a lot of contacts.

To avoid deleting or formatting your phone contacts on your phone, you should back up those contacts to your Google account or Google Drive. But some users are still confused about how to do it, even though this method is quite easy to do.

Well, if you don't know how, here we will discuss how to back up contacts on Google Drive.

How to Save Contacts on Google Drive

  • First open the Contacts app.
  • Next, find the contact you want to save or back up on Google Drive.
  • If it is already there, open the contact and press the two dots in the upper right corner.
  • Select the Share Contacts option.
  • Then select Share as vCard
  • Later, many contact sharing methods will appear that you can do.
  • In this option select Google Drive.
  • Then you can replace the document title with a name that is easy to remember.
  • Then select the Google account that will save the contact sharing.
  • Finally, select the storage folder in Google Drive and click Save to confirm it.
  • Done, you have successfully saved the contact to Google Drive.

Well, that's how to save contacts on Google Drive that you can do. Pretty easy isn't it? Come on, back up the data on your cellphone so that when it is deleted it is not lost and can still be recovered.

Take it easy, Google Drive capacity is quite large and you can use it for free. Not only that, the storage in Google Drive will also not make the phone's performance decrease.