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How To Type Messages With Voice on Android

Google has a "mic keyboard" feature as an alternative for those of you who want to type without touching the keyboard. You just need to tap on the "mic" icon then start saying what you want to write.

The speed between reading and typing seems to have a very different duration, it's no wonder that many people are getting bored with typing, especially if they are for very long typing, such as a thesis.

How To Type Messages With Voice on Android

Of course, you are curious, how do you type with your voice on an Android phone using this GBoard or Google board? Make sure you have used or downloaded and installed the Google keyboard application which you can download on the Google Play Store

  • Usually after you install the GBoard application, the system will automatically use this keyboard from Google
  • Enter any application where you will use the keyboard or keyboard to enter keywords or sentences, for example you will type in WhatsApp
  • Open the WhatsApp application, then look for the contact you want to chat with
  • Then tap on the typing field, after which the keyboard will appear
  • Then at the top of the letter P appears an icon "Mic"
  • Then tap the "mic" icon when you are ready to enter a sentence, when you first tap the mic icon it will say "Starting" when the text changes to "Say now" > "Listen..." you just need to say what you want to write , while you say the sentence then the writing will appear in the typing column.

When finished entering sentences or words, you only need to tap the mic icon again to finish typing using this keyboard mic.

In addition you can also say some phrases, such as: period (.), comma (,), exclamation mark (!), question mark (?), new line, new paragraph.

You don't have to bother typing for a long time, right? That's our discussion of how to type by voice on an Android phone. Hope this article is useful and share it if it is interesting and helpful for you.