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How To Change Your Voicemail On WhatsApp Android

How To Change Your Voice note On Android - Voice note or voice messages on WhatsApp Android can be very useful if we want to send messages without having to type. However, some people may want to disguise their voice for various purposes, whether it's to maintain privacy, just for fun, and so on.

Do you want to change it too? If so, you can try how to change the voice note voice on WhatsApp which we explain below. Thus, the voice of the voice note that you send will change according to the type of voice you choose.

How To Change Your Voicemail On WhatsApp Android

And don't worry, the content of the message will remain the same, only the character of the voice has changed. Immediately, see the following steps.

How to Change Voice note Voice on WhatsApp

  • Open Play Store
  • Install a voice changer application or Voice Changer
  • Wait until the installation process is complete
  • Open the voice changer app to start making Voice Notes
  • Allow the app to record audio
  • Tap the Mic icon to start recording sound
  • Choose the sound effect you want
  • If you want other sound effects, scroll down and click the Get More Effects button
  • To test the sound, please click the Play icon
  • To send a Voice Note to WhatsApp, click the three-dot button then select Share
  • Next, select Share with WhatsApp and select the contact or person you want to send the voice note to
  • Done, the WhatsApp voice note has been successfully changed

Alternative to Change Voice of WhatsApp voice notes

  • If you use the method described above, then you must install an additional application to be able to change the voice of voice notes on WhatsApp.
  • Well, if you want to replace it without additional applications, you can use the two alternatives that we provide below.

Use Online Voice Changer

  • First, you can use the online voice changer directly through the browser.
  • So, you no longer need to install other applications. Just run the browser you usually use, you can change the voice of WhatsApp voice notes through this website.
  • It's easy, you just need to visit the voicechanger.io site, then record your voice with the Use Microphone button.
  • Next, you can select the sound effect you want to use and save it as an MP3.

Those are some ways to change voice notes on WhatsApp Android that you can try. The process of changing the voice of the voice note on Android is actually very simple, namely by changing the "pitch" setting that is generated from the sound you record. This method is very suitable for use if you want to disguise your voice, both for voice notes and other purposes. Good luck!