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How To Hide Tagged Photos On Instagram

On Instagram, we can tagged photos other people's. Being tagged in other users' photos can be a good thing. However, this is not always a positive thing. Sometimes you'll find yourself tagged in content you don't want to be associated with or don't want.

How To Hide Tagged Photos On Instagram

To get around this, you can hide the photo so that other people can't see it. Here are the steps

Hide per photo

  • Open Instagram app then go to your profile.
  • Under bio or Highlight, there is a row of icons. Select the icon looks like a box and there is a picture of a person. Its position is at the far right. It will be able to see the photos that other users have tagged.
  • Tap the tagged photo or video that you want to hide.
  • Click Username or your username.
  • Select the option “Hide from my profile” or “Hide from my profile.”

How to hide multiple photos or videos at once

  • Open Instagram app then go to your profile.
  • Select Menu three horizontal lines located at the top right then tap “Settings” or Settings.
  • Click on “Privacy” or Privacy then Posts.
  • In the Tagged Posts section, select “Manually approve tags” or “Manually approve tags” and allow the control.
  • Tap “Edit” and select the uploads you want to hide. Finally, tap “Hide” or “Hide.”

However, if you often hide pictures from your profile, Instagram also has a very easy way to solve that problem. You just need to enable the approval of tagged photos. This will take you to a screen where you can enable the “Manually Approve Tags” rule.