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How To Send Pictures From iPhone To Android

Android users may not understand how to send picture or videos from iPhone to Android so they don't break. Although there are many ways that you can try to send picture from iPhone to Android, they are usually not perfect.

Especially if we force to send the file in the form of an image that is sent to social media or online chat applications. Of course it will make the image look broken and not like the original image.

How To Send Pictures From iPhone To Android

As we know the camera quality of the iPhone is the best for smartphone devices today. But not everyone has an iPhone smartphone. So it's important to know how to send pictures from iPhone to anadorid so that later the pictures don't break.

How To Send Picture From iPhone to Android

Here are two ways to send picture and videos from iPhone to Android so they don't break:

1. Sending Picture Using Google Drive

The first very interesting option is to send picture or videos using Google Drive. Where you can easily send picture using Google Drive on your iPhone, this method will not damage the quality of the picture you send.

Here the user must already have the Google Drive and Gmail apps. If you already have, then you can immediately follow the steps below to send a picture or video file.

  • Open Gmail App on iPhone
  • Select Write, on the icon at the bottom right
  • Next select attachment
  • In the “Drive” section, tap the picture you want to send to android
  • Next select send
  • Don't forget to enter the recipient's email address correctly
  • Done.

This method is guaranteed to be a very easy step compared to other ways to send picture files to android users. The condition is that you need to know in advance the email address of the recipient of the picture or video you want to send.

2. Sending Picture Using Whatsapp High Quality

As we know sending picture using online chat applications like WA will indeed reduce the quality of the picture or images sent. However, this method can be overcome if the user knows very well how to make it not broken.

Where there are several steps you can take in order to make the maximum image size even though it is sent from Whatsapp. Here are some steps that need to be done.

  • Please enter the Gallery or picture menu
  • Next, select the picture you want to send
  • Then select the share icon in the lower left corner
  • Next scroll or scroll to the Save to File menu
  • Please create a folder by tapping the plus menu on the top right
  • Then give the folder a name to make it easier to send
  • Next select save in the folder that was created earlier
  • If so, please open the Whatsapp application on your iPhone
  • Then click the plus logo when sending an image
  • Next select Documents
  • Then select from My iPhone on whatsapp
  • Continue to select the folder that was created earlier
  • Then the image will be sent along with the folder
  • Guaranteed image quality will remain the same as the original
  • Done.

Not many iPhone users have used this method, they usually send pictures directly, which reduces the quality. If you use this method, the image quality will be the same and will not change.

The bigger the image size, the bigger the folder and upload size on WhatsApp. Now, you can apply this method easily and quickly on your iPhone in the same way in every IOS series.